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About Us

Who is Maritime Survey & Services, B.V?

An independent inspection and survey company of all commodities and vessels, based at Curacao, NA but offering services world-wide, basically around the Caribbean.

As an independent company, it offers excellent inspection, survey, monitoring services, Certification of equipment and its operation. Maritime Survey & Services, B.V. has no stake in or affiliation with any party involved in the transaction. We consistently provide objective, impartial results, acting both as your representative to protect your interest and as an independent observer/expert to measure the execution of a contract.

The experience of the available personnel and range of surveys were increased to all types of products, marine vessels and lifting devices. The main office was established in Willemstad, Curacao and is creating this network to serve our clients quicker and at a lower cost.

Maritime Survey & Services B.V is dedicated to serve to the marine, construction industry and others linked it, offering high quality surveys and services to get mutual benefit through legal norms compliance , improving the efficiency & safety so making every business more profitable at Curacao and worldwide, where our service be requested.

To become the best survey & services company at Caribbean and around, while increasing services and quality standards offered. Indexing more and better instruments/ equipment as well employee and contractors so client does not have to look farther and can save cost.

As an independent company, it offers excellent inspection, survey, monitoring services and Certification Equipment.

Cornelis J. van Santen / Capt. & CEO

Telephone: (599-9) 686.4980

Maria Hortensia Portillo / Lic.

Telephone: (599-9) 660.7200

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